Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Rants, Your Best Ideas Reserved. (pt.1)

I'm listening to Jesus of Suburbia by Greenday while I'm writing this one, thinking that it might give me a better idea on how to create a blog. Hehe, lame kid.

I like this thing on the first part of the song that goes:

"To fall in love and fall in debt; To alcohol and cigarettes and maryjane, to keep me insane; I see someone uses cocaine."

Well you know, I just miss the fun times. Good times buddy, good times.

Haha! Rebellious.

(Just so you know that I just smoke cigarettes and drink booze. No drugs please. XD)

I never had the finkest of idea that I still have this account, I thought this one's dead because I haven't opened nor checked this in ages. I think it's about time to write something.

(Here goes nothing...)

In the past couple of months working (I work for a medical transcription company somewhere in Makati City as a Virtual Assistant) and I feel that something's missing. Well I don't know exactly on how to express that but maybe I'm just losing my gist on every single thing. Frustrated? Yes. Hopeless? Well, sorta.

Half the time I was working, trying to indulge myself on what am I suppose to do, but on the losing side, I think I'm just playing around. Whining. Exhausting myself on not so important things. Maybe they just think that I'm just fooling around.

I researched about this "Inferiority Complex" just a while ago, seems that it fits to my personality. Maybe I was just inflicted by this "disorder" thingy. Not getting what I want, or maybe what I deserve. Or perhaps, those "things" that I deserve doesn't serve me right.

Many people have goals. I do have. I guess a lot. But all of those goals seems to become absurd.



Or rather, cynic.

(To be continued...)